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The Best Window Fans of 2022

There is no better feeling than having a window fan blow cool air onto you during a warm and humid day. These amazing machines aren’t too expensive either and there are options for everyone.

I researched to find the best window fans on the market and saw these three wonderful window fan options!

To give you a quick summary before getting to all the nitty and gritty details, the overall best window fan was the No products found.. The best budget-friendly window fan was the No products found.. If you are looking for something that makes minimal sound, we recommend the No products found..

I will only be reviewing fans specifically designed to fit into windows. All of these options are portable and fit in most windows, but may need some adjusting.

Best Pick: Bionaire Window Fan

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The Bionaire Window Fan is easy to use and worth the money. It works by drawing in cool air while exhausting hot air. Since it is a window fan, it can also exchange the warm air in your home for the cool air outside.

With ease, the Bionaire Window clearly displays the temperature setting on an LED screen in the top center of the fan. It is also super convenient since there are two ways to control the system.

You can lower and raise the temperature using the buttons on the LED screen or the programmable remote control. The controls give you three speeds to choose from for maximum comfort.

Instead of having to manually change the thermostat and speeds, you can also program the thermostat to turn on and off for the speed of your choosing. This best pick is fully customizable for your preferences!

The Bionaire Window Fan is about 13 inches tall with 8.5-inch fans. To make it easier for you to fit this window fan into the space, it also comes with an extender. It fits most windows that are 24 to 37 inches wide.


With such a great product, you might be wondering how there are downsides, but sadly there are a few. For example, the Bionaire Window Fan is a bit more expensive than other fans on this list. It also costs extra to purchase the window fan with the filters.

Another downside to this window fan is that it is not easy to clean. If you live in an area where dust and dirt are common, you might want to rethink this option.

To clean the Bionaire Window Fan, you need to wipe it down with a soft cloth. If water or any type of liquid gets inside the fan, it can ruin the device.

This fan is also powered through a plug, but the plug is short. You may need to purchase an extension cord if there is not an outlet near the window of your choice.


Even with these downsides, the Bionaire Window Fan is the best window fan on our list. I chose this fan as the best because of how silent, quick, and cool it can be.

Not only is the fan quiet, but it is also easy to install and comes with an extender for larger windows. This is a great window fan for those of us ready to beat the heat!

Budget Pick: Shinic 9 Inch Box Fan

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Our budget pick is the Shinic 9-inch box fan. Although this fan is in the shape of a box, it comes with a window mount option. It is a versatile fan that works well and is also super affordable.

The Shinic 9-inch box fan is designed for small windows but has a strong airflow. The quality of the product is strong and it is a portable unit made out of plastic.

While it is affordable, this does not mean it doesn’t work well. The Shinic 9-inch box fan comes with two-speed options and is easy to operate. You won’t have to worry about learning a new and complicated system. Instead, the buttons on the fan control the speed and the power.

It is also a child-safe fan made with a safety grill that does not let small fingers and hands pass through to touch the blades. The makers of this fan also offer a 1-year-warranty and a 90-day return policy. If for whatever reason your window fan stops working, you can reach out to Shinic’s excellent customer service representatives for solutions.


There are a few downsides to watch out for when choosing the Shinic 9-Inch Box Fan as your new window fan. First off, this fan is small! It is considered a mini box fan since it only stands at 9 inches.

While it is portable, you may have trouble finding a clear place to put it down. It is also cheaply made with thin plastic, which makes it lightweight, but also easier to break.

The Shinic 9-Inch Box Fan is also not the quietest. While it does not make a lot of noise from the blades, it vibrates quickly on surfaces. When you use this as a tabletop fan, you may notice loud noises from the fan moving.

Another downside to this window fan is that it only comes in two colors and one is a vibrant green. I like green, but not everyone wants a colorful fan as it stands out in most homes.


While the Shinic 9-Inch Box Fan was made for small spaces and short-term needs, it is still one of the best window fan options on the market today in 2022.

As long as you secure the fan carefully, it is a great window fan!

How to Choose the best Window Fan

Window fans are compact fans that fit into most standard windows and cool a home. There are a lot of factors you should consider before choosing the best window fan for you and your family.

You want your window fan to last you a while, especially since most window fans are not cheap! Keep in mind that not everyone has the same circumstances and needs as well.

I always like to look at factors such as the overall cost, quality of the materials, sound, speed options, and most importantly, the size of the fan.


While it is true that sometimes the cost of a device is linked to the worth, there are always budget-friendly options that work well! The average cost of a window fan ranges from $30 – $300.

We recommend creating a budget before purchasing a window fan. First, ask yourself questions like, is the window fan permanent or temporary? How long do you expect to use the fan? Temporary fans should not cost over one hundred dollars.

Quality of Materials

No two window fans are made the same, including the materials. Usually, cheaper and more affordable options are made with thin plastic, which breaks easily.

Always look at the material the fan is made of and how thick or thin the device is. If the device is too thin, this means it could easily fall over even when attached to a window carefully. The quality of materials fully depends on how long you expect to use the window fan.


Some fans are very loud and can disturb you from your sleep. Something to consider when purchasing a window fan is they are not all quiet. Some window fans are small and thin, which causes loud vibrations.

If you prefer a quiet and soundless window fan, look for one that is easy to attach to a window. The more secure a window fan is, the less likely it is to make a lot of noise.

Speed Options

How cold do you want your room to get? Do you want a fan that gives you customizable options and controls? Some window fans offer remote controls to choose the speed options, while others have simple buttons directly on the window fan.

Window fans with remotes tend to be more expensive, but they have better speed options. The speed options can decrease the temperature in your room and blow air faster or slower. Typically, window fan units have a minimum of two options, but can go up to 5 options.


The size is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing the best window fan. I recommend measuring your windows to see how far they open. If your window fan is too large, it becomes harder to attach it to the window.

Most window fans display the dimensions online, so you won’t be surprised by the dimensions when ordering the window.

Another part to consider with the size of the window fan is the cord. Almost all window fans are powered by an electric cord, but there aren’t always outlets near your desired window. If this is the case, you will either need to find a window fan with a long electric cord or an extension to connect to the power cord.

Quietest Window Fan: Shinic 9 Inch Twin Window Fan

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No one likes a super noisy fan. Thankfully, the best window fan for low noise is the Shinic 9 Inch Twin Window Fan. It comes in three modes, which are all quiet and nearly noise-free.

You can even reverse the airflow direction for an even quieter mode. The size of the fan starts at 23 inches wide, but you can expand the size with the included expander to up to 37 inches.

The Shinic 9 Inch Twin Window Fan is also a great choice for most bathrooms in a house since it can also act as an exhaust fan. I love how you can change between the three modes, cool, exhaust, and circulate, with just a quick click of a button.

Like most modern window fans, this one comes with a remote that fully controls the window fan. It is also a portable and safe window fan. You won’t have to hurt your back or hands while carrying this lightweight twin window fan as it comes with a handle.

The best thing about this quiet fan is that it is easy to clean. You can easily break the twin window fan apart and put it back together. Cleaning can take as little as ten minutes and only requires a soft cloth or paper towel to get rid of the debris and dust.


Considering how amazing this quiet window fan is, it can be strange to think there are downsides. When reviewing this window fan, though, I noticed that the remote does not offer a long-range option.

While you don’t have to get up to change the speed or the mode on this window fan, it only works up to a short distance away.

Another downside of this product is that it doesn’t fit all windows. The window fan is about 11.8 inches tall, but a standard window can open from 2 inches to 2 feet. Always measure the space where you will place the window unit to ensure it is a good fit.

We also noticed there is a distinct electrical burning smell within the first few uses. The smell does go away with time, but it is unpleasant for those of us with sensitive noses and allergies.


Some of us can only sleep when there is absolute silence, which the Shinic 9 Inch Twin Window Fan can provide. It is a great and affordable option, that produces a low hum with three different settings and modes.

Although the remote cannot be used at long distances, it is a powerful window fan made with quality materials.